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Nov 202017

Rating: 1.7/5

NativeSBS & Root Required!
– Before buying, please install and check NativeSBS app works on your rom:

This application will automatically switch between SBS patched mode and normal mode.

Select VR-Ready applications in the list. Once you are done, press button to Start the switcher.

It will automatically disable SBS patch for VR apps and It will enable SBS patch for other apps. So you can wear your virtual reality headset(Cardboard, Durovis Dive, OpenVR etc.) and use your phone without any disturbance.

– Before buying, please install and check SBS app works on your rom:
– Please Enable SBS Switcher in Accesibility Services in Android settings.
(CM11,CM12,AOSP based roms are recommended)
– Video is from an early version of the app, UI in latest version is different and improved.

Nov 202017

Rating: 4.2/5

A new way to experience classic music
Help Steamy, the steampunk conductor, play along to your favorite symphonies from great composers like Mozart and Beethoven. Improve your skills in sight reading notes using classical sheet music. Experience the soothing rhythms by tapping along to songs from the Victorian era like Moonlight Sonata and Ode to Joy.

A challenge on every note is what this game is all about. Practice your combat skills and your note reading abilities in true steampunk style!
Play along with your favorite classical composers and musicians – the steampunk way.

Enhance your sight reading skills
Challenging gamification to learn basic notes and test your music skills and get ahead of your friends with every note you ace.

Excellent to beat the boredom blues
Feeling bored on the subway? Waiting for the bus? Put on your composer hat, try practicing some music with Note Fighter!

A match made in classical musical heaven
Enjoy and learn how to play classic hits and eternal favorites in a new and exciting game.
Multiple levels for interactive gameplay
Not one, but three different difficulty levels for musicology aficionados of any skill set. If you are a beginner, nail the easy and medium levels first and hit the hard mode when you are a pro. The practice mode is to get you started on your musical journey and enjoy basic tunes.

Download now and improve your sight reading today!