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Apr 122016

Rating: 4.1/5

Hibernate apps that consume RAM and battery with just one click. Previously it required root permission to do so, now with App Hibernator you can achieve app hibernation without rooting your phone. The best battery saving and RAM boosting app.

App Hibernator ad-free drops from $0.99 to FREE!

Highlights of App Hibernator:
☆ No Root permission: Delivers same result as rooted app hibernators/killers.
☆ Quick Hibernate apps: Select apps to Hibernate, and tap Hibernate button. That simple to Hibernate apps.
☆ Fast & Intuitive: Simple to use, super-fast and smooth UI, plus cool transition effects.

Features of App Hibernator:

► App Hibernator
Select apps to Hibernate from list of all apps. Quick hibernating achieved by a click of a button, and the hibernated app will not restart unless you launch the hibernated app! (Several apps like Facebook will restart as this is allowed by Android OS)

► White List
Hide apps from App Hibernator list, Everyone got their favorite apps, And we won’t touch them.

► RAM and Battery Consumption status
Info about RAM and battery consuming apps, detailed and importance of each app service.

► Limited Offer
Top free apps hand picked for your phone model, Enjoy the best deals via our Limited offers.


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