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Apr 152016

Rating: 4.7/5

Match 3 Cobbles and more to remove them!
Begin your adventure under abyssal zone and make a success of the numerous levels to surface with various surprises!

Today, the ad-free version of Cobble Swipe with 3000 diamonds drops from $5.16 to FREE!

✔ An evolutionary set!
✔ More than 100 levels!
✔ Each level, a best way to play it!
✔ Simple to learn, difficult to master!
✔ Use bonuses if needed!
✔ Finally a quiet and relaxing game!

Different levels, colored Cobbles, a game play that makes you think without breaking your eyes and ears!

Match 3 Cobbles and more to reach your level objectives and earn numerous diamonds which will help you in your progression! This is a revolution in Match 3 games !


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