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Apr 222016

Rating: 4.8/5

Wish to have a pet salon? Don’t miss your chance!
Cute cats, dogs, RACOONS and PANDAS are waiting for you in My Lovely Pet Salon!
Serve your clients, wash, groom, heal and entertain animals.
You can also choose beautiful clothes for the pets to make them even happier!

Game Features:
+ Marvelous well-balanced simulation game
+ Domestic and exotic wild animals (raccoons, pandas)
+ Better work = more money
+ More money = faster development
+ Prove your pet salon is the best!

Download My Lovely Pet Salon today and receive a huge bonus: ad-free, 50,000 coins, 300 diamonds, a racoon and a panda. Normally this would set you back $7.74 but you can have it for FREE!


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