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May 052016

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With kitchen timer you can control up to 5 timers at once, each independently, you can pause and resume it anytime. Furthermore you own 8 preset timers and the possibility of creating your own timers to facilitate and expedite the use of the application.

Kitchen timer is a professional tool, the only application that ensures the smooth functioning of their alarms. You can use other applications, the timer works in the background and notifies you when your food is ready.

You can use both audible and vibration alarms to alert you when your meals are ready. Become a real chef with this wonderful tool.
Ticktock sound will warn you when you have an active alarm. It also has progress bars indicating the remaining time.

* Key Features:
– 5 timer available.
– Vibration and sound alarms.
– Pause and resume alarms.
– 8 preset timers, cooking eggs, meat, chicken, rice and perfect pasta. You can also create your own custom timers.
– Tick tock sound.
– You can use your phone with other application, kitchen timer to work in the background and let you know when your food is ready.

* Technical Description: kitchen timer is a professional tool to measure cooking time. It is so designed to ensure that the alarms work under all conditions, even when the volume of the device is 0. Each timer operates independently allowing to cook different dishes at the same time. You can fry, bake, boil and cook each of your meals with the guarantee that cooking is not exceeded.

* Why choose kitchen timer:
– It is the only timer that allows 5 concurrent timers, become a star chef and enjoy cooking your favorite dishes.
– It is the only definitive kitchen utensil ensuring your food cooking is not exceeded. This tool is designed for professionals with the mission of creating a reliable, easy-to become your ally in the kitchen.
– Best design, easy to configure.

Pro version features:
– Available all predefined timers.
– Notifications of time remaining.
– Removes advertising.

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