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May 182016

Rating: 5/5

RapidSOS Haven Beta – Early Release for First Movers.

Pick up a year’s subscription of RapidSOS Haven for your whole family, worth $4.99 a month for FREE!

Early Bird Special: Sign up today for a 1 year free Family Plan subscription – limited time offer.

RapidSOS Haven provides universal safety and security by putting the power of a home security system right in your pocket. Get help with one touch of the screen.
NOTE: Make sure you are ready for any emergency by signing up immediately after downloading the app. Haven is ready after a simple 3-step sign-up process (account creation, phone number entry, and SMS pin verification), so don’t wait till an emergency to open Haven for the first time. It’s free to download Haven and you won’t be charged until the end of your free introductory period.

– Quickly reach emergency dispatchers –

With just one touch in the app, Haven connects you to compatible 9-1-1 dispatcher systems and sends vital information, so that you can reach help, wherever you are. Your location is communicated (even if you don’t know where you are!), along with the type of emergency you’re experiencing and important data. Relevant medical and/or demographic information is transmitted via data feed to compatible dispatcher systems or via text-to-speech if the user is unable to speak.

If you are unable to speak or feel it is unsafe to speak, Haven lets you send text messages to 9-1-1.

– Keeps the people in your life connected –

With Haven, you choose emergency contacts to be notified in case something unexpected happens. Family, friends, doctors, trusted coworkers, and caretakers – the app alerts them of your situation. Keep your loved ones connected and informed.

– Intelligently manages connection –

Haven connects over multiple channels. Haven’s technology measures the bandwidth of your connectivity and chooses the best channel to use – WiFi, data, 4G, 3G, and 2G – so that you can contact help even in challenging environments.

– It’s for everyone –

Be prepared for unexpected situations, including accidents, medical emergencies, fires, car crashes, and crime. Haven also helps address difficulties in reaching 9-1-1 for individuals with disabilities or communication challenges, such as hearing loss or deafness. Haven is easy to download and use!

– Subscription plans –

90 days free with Family Annual Plan $49.99/year
90 days free with Individual Annual Plan $29.99/year
30 days free with Family Monthly Plan $4.99/month
30 days free with Individual Monthly Plan $2.99/month


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