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Jul 172016

Mind Your Own Budget for Iphone. Gain real-world financial literacy in this fun strategy game from the University of Oklahoma’s K20 Center!

Mind Your Own Budget blends Digital Game Based Learning principles with engaging financial scenarios such as a first apartment, starting a business, and even retirement. As you navigate your way through ten levels, you’ll gain skill sets for lifetime money management like maintaining a budget, building a savings account and understanding bankruptcy – in the low-consequence environment of a game.

The OU K20 Center is a statewide educational research center located in Norman, Oklahoma. The Center has worked in-depth with more than 500 schools over the past 12 years, researching and developing school structures to support innovative learning methods. In its ongoing efforts and close collaboration with educators, the K20 Center designs and utilizes interactive student-centered instruction to promote higher order thinking and problem solving.

One of the Center’s many outlets for interactive instruction is the Digital Game-Based Learning Program. With a history of producing five DGBL titles for middle school, high school, and adult learners, the K20 DGBL team effectively translates curricular learning objectives into a virtual learning experience that allows the learner to engage with classroom content and apply it in a real-world simulation.

MYOB scenarios include:
• Work your way through school
• Pay off your student loan debt
• Reduce credit card bills
• Pay for emergency expenses
• Experience the busy life of a doctor
• Get rich and live in style
• And finally enjoy your retirement

Both in English and Spanish languages!

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