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Jul 212016

Rating: 4.6/5

Meet the Angry Greek who jumps in order to pay the debt that makes him so angry!

Jump with the Angry Greek from cloud to cloud and punish your opponents with rewarding combos. Grab balloons to get higher and become extremely angry by eating hot peppers. Get your lives back by drinking OUZO and don’t forget to unleash the mighty power of the mysterious black hat…

Do you have what it takes to help the Angry Greek pay his huge debt?

The full version of Angry Greek drops from $2.95 to FREE!

Amazing Features:

• Surreal free-to-play retro arcade jumper
• Crazy power-ups to pick-up
• Exciting combo system adding to addictive gameplay
• Hilarious funny levels to discover
• 8-bit chiptune to traditional Greek music
• 8-bit artwork combined with modern visual effects
• 3 different global leaderboards to challenge your friends
• Unlockable Endless Mode for your shot to pay up
• Option for various difficulty modes
• Option to change the controls

How to play:

Tilt your device to move left or right, or change the controls to “Touch” and tap the left or right part of the screen to move.


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