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Jul 252016

Rating: 4.1/5

Snap Me Up allows you to set alarm clocks that have to be turned off taking a selfie.
Just watch the camera, turn on the lights, open your eyes and snap!
Yours pictures will be saved into an album called: “My sleepy snaps”, where you can watch and share them.

There are also three other fantastic awakening methods:
Video will wake you up with a 8-seconds max video, share it with your friends or simply watch it in your sleepy gallery.

Discover the premium version, which drops today from $1.94 to FREE.

Three moments will wake you up with 3 pics taken at random from all your images or chosen by you, start your day with your beautiful memories.
Normal will wake you up in a elegant and colorful way.

What did you dream last night?
Write your dream, add its story, a pic and record yourself talking about it!
Fill your ”Dream diary” where your dreams can be watched and shared!

There are also other useful features:
”Take a nap” will set a timer! This could be really useful for example to take a quick nap or to take off your cake from the oven in time.
”Help me sleep” will helps you fall asleep quickly listening to relaxing sounds like ocean’s waves or light rain.
“Open sleepy camera” will open a sleepy camera to let you take a pic or a video in all your sleepy moments.

What are you waiting for?
Wake up with a snap, smile to a new day!

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