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Aug 082016

Kotobee Author is a comprehensive ebook creator and EPUB editor, suitable for education, training, and publishing. Create interactive ebooks rich with video, audio, 3D, widgets, questions, and more. Export your ebook to many different platforms. Your ebooks can be opened using the free Kotobee Reader app (for mobile or desktop) or using any of the popular ebook readers available in the stores.

The basic license, exclusive for GOTD, allows you to integrate your Kotobee ebooks with your LMS, such as Moodle or Blackboard. The ebook will report all questions scores to the gradebook, and track all interactions happening inside the ebook. This license also allows you to create encrypted EPUB files, which can only be opened using a password of your choice.

If you are a Mac user, please download an installation file here (46.9 MB)

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