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Aug 102016

Rating: 4.4/5

Math Effect is a Speed Math game for everyone who enjoys mathematics. Those brave who want to be in a good shape, which boldly wants to calculate rapidly with no paper on behalf.

The ad-free version drops from $1.54 to FREE.

-= Game Rules =-
1. Choose one of three modes (time, fixed equations number, unlimited play).
2. Press “play” button.
3. Look at the equation, calculate. Determine: is it true or not.
4. If equations true then press “yes”. If not then press “no”. For instance 2+2=5 is not true, so press “no”. Be advised.

-= Features =-
– Balanced level ups and earned bonuses.
– Select 10, 20, 50 equations in “fixed equations” mode.
– Lots of statistics.
– Fancy graphics and effects.
– Ambient sounds.
– Google+
– Global Highscores and Achievements.

-= Math Effect =-
Children and grownups could reach Math Effect easily. Everybody is getting smarter while playing.
Most Math Effect is got while playing before breakfast, dinner and supper but don’t forget to eat.

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