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Aug 112016

Rating: 4/5

Free your mind and sharpen your brain as you solve strategic mind games in Quadris, the amazingly addictive puzzle game!

Touch and drag to draw puzzle pieces and clear bricks from the board. You can only draw the pieces you’re given, so strategic thinking is a must! Play puzzles with your family for educational value, or compare puzzle Achievements with other mind puzzle fans around the world! This addictive game makes for great brain training and offers hours of retro games fun for fans of hard puzzle games and mind games alike.

Your brain workout starts with Quadris! Each brain exercise tests your memory, puzzle solving skills and more.

The ad-free version was $4.63 and is now FREE.

Open your mind and learn to think in four dimensions to snag the high score!

Quadris – it’s the ultimate puzzle game!

Puzzle Rules:
• Draw puzzle pieces to clear out bricks.
• You can only draw the puzzle pieces shown onscreen – think carefully about where you want to place them!
• See which puzzle pieces are coming up next and strategize.

Quadris Features:
• Block puzzles like you’ve never seen them before! Old school blocks get a totally new ruleset
• This free puzzle game offers endless value as you keep coming back to perfect your strategy

Puzzle Leaderboards & Multi-Language Support
• Brain games, worldwide! Quadris is available worldwide in 16 languages
• Puzzle Leaderboards – See who has the highest scores
• Support for tablet devices
• Convenient user interface and easy operation

Simple. Addictive. Strategic. Quadris is the brain training puzzle game you’ve been waiting for!

Download Quadris and start solving brain puzzles today!


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