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Aug 192016

Rating: 4.6/5

Become the boss, recruit gangsters, and lead your gang to explore the now-jaded world with real locations. There’s no shortage of content, action or ammunition as you fight along your fellow gang members wielding an array of weapons and supernatural powers!
Today, MadZone with 200 of Energy, 500 diamonds, 500,000 MadZone Dollars (MZD), 50 Fast Tickets and 100 EXP Capsules worth $10.00 comes for FREE!
To get today’s bonus: Enter promo code MADZONE after installing and completing tutorial.

Smokin’ features:
● Hundreds of gangsters with tons of special abilities added regularly
● Epic skills and weapon designs
● Team building and strategy to defeat tenacious enemies
● Various battle modes including PvP, Boss Raids, Leaderboards, etc…
● Friends in real life to gang up with
● In-game locations themed from various locations around the world
● Prizes on our online leaderboard to claim when you score big
● Exciting weekly events
● Multi-Language support


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