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Aug 202016

Streaming Video Recorder is a comprehensive and excellent video recorder. It can help users record videos or audio from almost all mainstream sites, as well as millions of other websites. The built-in sniffer can automatically detect and save videos from all popular media protocols (HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, RTMP and RTSP). What’s more, this handy tool also provides users with other practical functions, such as Video Converter, Screen Recorder, Audio Editor, etc.

Key Features of Streaming Video Recorder:

  • Record Streaming Videos from 1000+ Sites;
  • Automatically Detect and Record HTTP, HTTPS and RTMP Videos;
  • Directly Record Audio Formats from all sites;
  • Convert Videos & Audio to Any Media Formats;
  • Transfer Videos & Audio to iTunes with One-click;
  • Enjoy Rich Content from Built-in Library;
  • Play Video when Recording;
  • Add Accounts to Record Some Private Videos.


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