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Aug 252016

Rating: 3.8/5

How many times did you wonder, how you would look as an old man? Old Face Camera is not a typical face aging booth machine. It will change your face to old man in live camera view! Now you can make not only a photo as older yourself, but also create a video of yourself. You may talk, pull a face and record elder, senior you 😉 Change age in your camera!
In our ageing booth you will find a lot of different filters and lenses, different effects. Choose one of them. For example, you can look only 10 years older, but also our app may add 20 or 40 years more! Additionally you will find masks with vintage glasses and realistic mustache or beard.
The full version of Old Face Camera drops from $3.99 to FREE

You can shoot a photo or movie, and then share it on social media, or save on your gallery. It looks real, check it out.
Do not forget to check it on your friends. In the app you can use front and back cam.

If you are not afraid to see your scary old face? Go ahead, install our cam face changer – it is free!


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