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Aug 312016

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Exclusive cooperation offer from Alexander Rieger and Giveawayoftheday!
To unlock the additional features enter the code: hero2604
Please chose Settings=> Enter Unlock Code
Now you can play up to 30 games simultaneously and create groups with up to 30 players!

1,2,3,PI! Can you beat your friends in mental arithmetic? Clash with all in a multiple choice math competition and rank first place in calculation such as addition, subtraction, percentage, ratio, multiplication or division.

Clash and Competition
Clash with a single person or in a competition group and try to rank higher than the others.

Social playing
Play this multiple choice math quiz against your facebook friends, invite friends by email or play games against random players from all over the world.

Duel Statistics
Check your duel statistic against your friends. Who won more games and multiple choice rounds? Who can count faster using only the head? How many perfect rounds did you achieve? Try to beat the highscore.

Difficulty Levels
Find the difficulty level which suits you best. Even with an easy level you will still duel with others by answering faster than your opponents.

In every round a new player can decide on the category by choosing one of four math challenges such as addition, subtraction or percentage. Select your favorite category to rank high in the multiple choice math.

Response Time
You want all players to respond fast? You can play quick games with 10 mins response time or long games giving up to 48 hrs without a hurry.

And best of all: You will improve your math skills simply by playing this free braintrainer edu game. 1,2,3,PI!

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