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Sep 152016

Rating: 4.5/5

2sum is your calculator for everyday use, school or work. Get answer to your math problem quickly and store it in the built-in history for later revise. Calculate percent with the dedicated percent button or use 2sum as a calculator for advanced scientific math.
Where other calculators often have a clumsy interface, 2sum provides a fresh look that makes it your stylish calculator companion while providing all the features you need. Choose your favorite color and personalize even more with custom keypad effects.

All that combined in just one calculator? Users call 2sum the best calculator for a reason – download now.

Detailed features list:

•  On-the-fly Calculation – see results as you type.
•  Intuitive Swipe Control
•  High Precision Calculator Engine
•  Unlimited Parenthesis Levels
•  Calculates Advanced Math Functions:
 -  percent (%) function
 -  (inverse) hyperbolic: sinh, cosh, tanh
 -  (inverse) trigonometric: sin, cos, tan
 -  exponential and logarithms
 -  power, polynomial and roots
 -  random, nPr, nCr
 -  floor, ceil, mod
•  Physical Constants – speed of light to Avogadro’s constant
•  Calculations History – save & edit result (short click) or full calculation (long click) later.
•  M+/M-/MC/MR keys for intermediate results
•  FIX/FLOAT mode
•  DEG/RAD mode

With the pro version, you furthermore obtain
•  Decimal/thousands separator option
•  Fancy interface effects
•  Optional fullscreen mode – hide the system UI

If you have questions or feedback, send an email. We are happy to get back to you.


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