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Oct 092016

Rating: 4.3/5

160 Blocks is a beautifully crafted color matching puzzle game. The aim is to make all blocks match with the same color using as few moves as possible.

Calming and easy to pick on. You’ll soon find yourself deeply contemplating in your try to perfect all puzzles.

No In-App purchase required to progress. The game is Free to Play.

★ Aesthetically pleasing.
★ Artistically crafted levels.
★ 90 progressively challenging puzzles.
★ 3 modes of play: Classic, Premium, Endless
★ Play Classic immediately and unlock the other modes as you progress.

In-App Purchasing Products (Optional):
1. Remove Ads: Purchasing this will remove all advertisement from the game
2. Unlock Premium: Purchasing this will unlock the premium mode immediately. Premium mode can also be unlocked for FREE by reaching 100% in Classic mode.


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