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Oct 142016

With AlterCam you can:

  • broadcast anything you want to a virtual webcam. You can broadcast your real webcam video with real-time effects applied, your desktop, video files, video from IP-cameras, etc.
  • record webcam video either with or without real-time effects. Hardware acceleration of .h264 encoding is supported, so your main CPU will not be overload.
  • apply sound effects and change your voice in real-time in your chats
  • add text overlays, images, and even another webcam video over your video feed using “Overlays”
  • apply one or several of the available effects to your video and have fun!
  • split your webcam video to several programs, forget that “webcam busy” error!
  • http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/giveawayoftheday/feed/~3/1ztfvT1rYF4/

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