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Oct 232016

Rating: 3.3/5

Stay hydrated by downloading the ad-free app today, reduced from $0.99 to FREE! *To unlock the bonus, you must first complete the initial setting.*
Do you always forget to drink water ?
“Water Daily” is an app that help you keep track your daily drinking habits & reminds you to drink water.

Remember Drink Water To Stay Healthy!

Usage & Features:
– Set for meet minimum daily water intake
– Select water units Milliliter(mL) or Ounces(Oz)
– Minimum water to drink per day, for male ( 2500ml/85Oz ) & female ( 2000 ml/68Oz) *(Note: Just for reference only)
– The App auto save the drinking record and reset on the next days (Set your wake time and sleep time)
– Notification available to reminds you drink water
– Check your daily drinking water habits
– Minimalist interface design and easy to use
– Select custom amount for daily water intake goal
– Select different cup size for water intake

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