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Oct 242016

Rating: 3.3/5

This game is almost impossible. Play at your own risk, if you dare!

BEWARE, Square is a side-scrolling atmospheric survival platformer with the challenge of surviving multiple nights in an immersive world full of dangerously creepy geometric shapes.


• 1 5 challenging nights to survive

• Beautiful retina-display graphics

• Addictive gameplay

• Professionally done music score and sound effects

• Realistic physics engine
• Hours of intense, action filled fun


Square was your average geometric shape. He never put himself in risky situations and never thought outside the box. He loved to do what most shapes love to do: jump, flip, and dash. He never was that skilled at any of the three, however.

Square was known by his friends as being timid and meek. If faced with the choice of going on an adventure and being bored, he would most definitely choose the latter. The only thing that ever motivated Square was fear. Brave was something he would never have been described as, until that one night that started them all. Something changed that night. Something terribly beautiful happened. Square would never have become his true self if it weren’t for the night that he woke up in the Spike Forest.

One horrifying night, Square awoke, finding himself in a peril filled wilderness. He slid across the ground looking for a safe place to spend the night. The sound of his own heart beat rattled his body. Fear swept over him like the Typhoid fever. He felt as though eyes were always watching. Always watching.

YOU are Square and you have to survive 1 5 Nights. Will you give in to fear and doubt or will you take a leap of faith: Will you let despair and depression render you immobile or will you make the choice to keep moving: Will you SURVIVE?
If you make the choice to survive, you will not just survive but you will flourish and thrive.


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