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Oct 242016

Win one of the 50 annual licenses for KillPing!

Kill Ping is a ping reducing application for online games. Kill Ping’s highly optimized dedicated servers and intelligent routing techniques makes sure that your game connection is stream lined, avoiding any clutter or detours. The software promises to provvide quality service and fight paket loss, rubber banding and jitter that may lead you to rage quit due to lag frustration.

  • Access All Servers in One Package
  • Kill Ping doesn’t hold back the best features for only the priciest package plans. With Kill Ping, no matter what plan you get, you will have access to all servers in the network!

  • Reduce Lag by up to 60%
  • Kill the dragons of latency and score headshots on game lags with Kill Ping. Reduce ping times by as much as 60% and enjoy lag-free online gaming experience on your favorite MMORPGs and FPSs.

  • All Major Games Supported
  • Whether it is conquering an Ancient in DOTA 2, rocket-jumping in Quake 3, completing a quest in WoW, destroying a Nexus in LoL or playing any other online game, Kill Ping will help you reduce in-game lags and latency.

  • Unlimited Server Switching
  • Enjoy unlimited server switching on 100+ servers across 30+ locations. Let Kill Ping auto-pick the best server for you or sort servers according to ping times and geo locations to find the best ones for your network and location.

  • Uninterrupted Server Connectivity
  • All day, all night; don’t let the fun and gaming stop even for one second. After all, Kill Ping gives you guaranteed uptime of 99.99% across all its 100+ servers that are strategically placed worldwide for providing you the best online gaming experience!

  • Recommended Server Selection
  • If you are in hurry then simply let the Kill Ping software automatically select the best server for you, based on your network condition, geo-location, ping times on all servers and other factors; super easy, right?

  • Easy-to-Use Windows Software
  • Kill Ping has specially designed its Windows Software to deliver quick connectivity with loads of features Connect to your favorite server and have a detailed look at game connection reports, all in just a few clicks!

  • Tier 1 Email Support
  • Kill Ping will never leave you at the mercy of tech issues. Whatever problem it is and whenever it comes up, Kill Ping support team will always be an email away!

  • Say Goodbye to Annoying Ads
  • Ads? What Ads? With Kill Ping, you only get the best ping lowering service with the widest collection of worldwide servers and the smoothest online gaming experience. Goodbye, annoying ads; hello, lag-free online gaming.


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