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Oct 262016

Rating: 4.4/5

Download the Pro version of the app, worth $2.18 but FREE today!
Do you still use USB flash drives? You already carry gigabytes of free flash memory around in your pocket – your Android phone! Download Pocketshare and you get a fast, secure and wireless access to this memory via Mac or PC!

If you are an advanced user and know what NAS (Network Attached Storage) is – here are good news for you: Pocketshare is a full featured NAS server. It runs Samba, FTP and WebDAV servers simultaneously!

You can event transfer files to other Wi-Fi devices via Wi-Fi Direct (premium version required), with the free version you can receive files from nearby Pocketshare users.

• Pocketshare is foolproof: no other software required – access your wireless flash drive with Finder or Windows Expolorer. Zero configuration required – your new wireless flash drive is dead easy to use.
• Pocketshare is fast: blazing fast wireless file transfer over Wi-Fi.
• Pocketshare is secure: no servers involved – your files are stored only on your Android device. Activate user authentication for even more security.

The premium version (available as in-app purchase) offers the following additional features:

• File transfer to other Android devices via Wi-Fi Direct
• Free choice of the share folder. E.g. external SD-Card
• User authentication security (username / password)


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