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Oct 312016

Rating: 4.6/5

Being physically inactive during long periods of time is bad for your health. A video which you can find here, http://zalab.surge.sh/breaktime explains why. To stand up and move around once in a while improves your health. Break Time reminds you to do that, with suggestions on what you can do during the breaks. The app can also be used as a Pomodoro Technique app.

Feel better and stay healthy by downloading the ad-free app, reduced from to FREE today!

Break Time can be used in school classes, offices, workplaces, in collectives that work together. It can be used by people who are on their weight loss journey, people with such state of health or disease who would benefit extra from moving around once in a while or just by individuals who care about their health. Any other use cases are up to your imagination.

Did you know that apple watch and other smartwatches remind you to do some physical activity once in a while? But not everyone has a smartwatch. If you still want to take advantage of this feature on your smartphone, Break Time is free for you to use.


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