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Nov 012016

Rating: 3.2/5

*To unlock today’s bonus, press the “AppGratis” button at the bottom of the screen*
Exercise your brain & have fun. Swippe is a Math Puzzle game designed for all ages. Suitable for any kids to develop early math skills and also good for students who trying to improve their math. Hope you enjoy the puzzle game !

How To Play
– Just swipe the number with “+” or “-” or “x” or “÷” and follow with number again.
– You can swipe all 9 number as long it’s got space to fill in,
example: to get 10, swipe “9” → “+”→ “3” → “-” → “5” → “+” → “3”
to get 8, swipe “3” → “+”→ “7” → “-” → “2”
to get 12, swipe “5” → “x” → “2” → “+” → “2”
– Keep your “combo” continues with correct answer, to earn extra bonus score
– If you get stuck on the question, you can shake the device for next question, but the current “combo” will end
– Beware the game timer bar, get correct answer can add some time points
– Double “Tap” to pause game

* 3 level difficulty ,Rookies(easy), Pro(Normal), All-Star(Hard)
* Play numbers with Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division
* Time bar include, challenge your friends for the best score
* Minimalist with colourful design


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