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Nov 072016

Win one of the 50 licenses for PDFsam Visual!

PDFsam Visual is a professional office tool powered by our open source PDF engine and allows you to perform tasks on PDF files in a “visual” fashion. Split PDF files by visually select the pages where you want to divide or split by bookmarks level to extract chapters and paragraphs. Split PDF files by size to send them by email or split them when a text in a specified area changes (invoice number, employee code, etc). Merge any number of PDF files together and reorder pages by drag and dropping page thumbnails. Extract pages for a PDF by visually selecting the ones you are interested it. Crop a PDF file to trim unwanted white margins, rotate some pages or encrypt them using AES256 security.

Please note: the provided license works on the three platforms: Windows, Linux or Mac. The winners may choose the one they need!

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