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Nov 142016

Rating: 4.2/5

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How good are you with words?

AtoZ is a really fun game where for a defined theme, you must guess related words whose letters have been slightly and alphabetically moved.

To help you, you’ll have the number of moves as an indicator. For instance, in the brand theme, you’ll be asked to find in 1 move what is HOOGLE.
By sliding the letter from H to G in one move, you’ll succeed the level and find GOOGLE.
So easy and so good ! What are you waiting for? Let’s go slide some letters!

Features :
Many available themes and a lot more to unlock or to discover with game updates (countries, brands, cities, colors, superheroes…)
✦ Stuck on a level? Use one of the several jokers to do the trick (reveal a letter, get a hint…)
Easy share to compare your levels achievements with your friends
✦ Eye candy design with beautiful colors and animations

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