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Dec 072016

Rating: 2.2/5

A fun ad-free app, reduced from $1.99 to FREE today! *To unlock today’s bonus, press the AppGratis button*
Spacey Shape is an action game about speed and transport. Inspired by the transport system of Milky Way wormholes.
Please wear headphone for better experience. To learn more about Spacey Shape, visit http://www.squrce.com/spaceyshape

– Leaderboard
– Ambient electronic sounds effect
– Retro art visual

How To Play
– The dot will keep falling down
– Tap to open the wormhole. The wormhole will absorb the dot
– Tap again to release the dot from the wormhole
– Capture the line shape to activate the Origin (Triangle Shape)
– The goal is the make the dot fall into the Origin
– Befpre start game, please check the help guide on main scene

Thanks for playing.


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