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Jan 022017

Deflecto for Iphone. Requires iOS 8.0 or higher. For performance reasons, this app is not recommended for the iPod Touch, the iPhone 4S and the original iPad mini.

Defend these tiny, peaceful cities from menacing enemy clouds that relentlessly bludgeon them into oblivion. Your weapon is your finger; It has the power to deflect whatever these angry clouds drop on you.

Tap the objects to send them back toward the clouds and ultimately destroy them. Drag your finger from one falling object to another to deflect many with one swipe. The more clouds you destroy, the faster and trickier they will become; And so must your fingers.

– pure intense arcade action
– 9 insanely difficult levels
– minimalist 3d isometric cities
– many different projectile types to deflect
– power-ups that boost your deflection power
– realistic physics simulation
– charmingly animated mini-cities
– original chip tune soundtrack and sound effects
– Game Center achievements

This app contains advertisements on lost levels and two in-app purchases: One to unlock all levels and one to remove all advertisements.

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