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Jan 302017

Rating: 5/5

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Soundscape started as a single idea, “What if I could make a game where everything from the background to the obstacle spawning was dictated by the music?”. Pancake Bob CEO Casey Robertson decreed it was to be and programmer Casey Robertson made it so, with graphics made by artist Casey Robertson, of course.

The background is almost alive as it pulses to the music, the obstacles come at you to the beat of the sound. This is a game best experienced with headphones, but still very enjoyable without.

Soundscape is an experience you can get lost in for hours. Surround yourself with the beautiful colors and amazing music, then try some of your own jams and watch as Soundscape seamlessly moves to virtually any song in your library.

This game runs at full HD (1080p) and has been tested to run smoothly on everything from a $30 bargain basement tablet to an octa-core powerhouse phone.

This game requires Android 4.0.3 or newer.


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