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Feb 252017

Effects Studio for Iphone. Effects Studio is now ready for iPhone 6/6 Plus and iOS 8 Photo Editing Extension.

Whether you’re an occasional snapper or an enthusiast, perfect your shots with Effects studio and cater for almost everything you could want to do with your pictures. There’s plenty of fun to be had and produce stunning effects, too. Manipulate pictures of your friends in weird and wonderful ways, and some that distort pictures so heavily that, frankly, they should never see the light of day. Effects Studio provides basic image editing features with powerful effects and easy to use in mind.

• Futures:

– Filters – Linear, vignette, instant, process, transfer, sepia, chrome, fade, curve, tonal, noir, mono, invert.

– Adjustment – Luminosity, contrast, color.

– Effects – Spot, hue, highlight, bloom, gloom, posterize, pixelate.

– Blur and Focus – Normal, circle, band.

– Crop – Portrait, landscape, five predefined sizes, custom.

– Rotate – 45 deg, custom, flip horizontaly/verticaly

– Resize – 8 predefined sizes: 240, 320, 480, 640, 800, 960, 1024, 2048 and custom

– Tone and Curve –

– Splash to put the focus on one or several colors

– Draw with fingertips on your images

– Add text to your photos

– Ton of stickers, emoticons, horror masks, frames and hairpieces to enhance your photos and express your mood and creativity

• “Effects Studio for iOS takes photo effects to the max” – TUAW

• “Effects Studio balances professional and fun photo editing in one app” – AppAdvice

• “If you want to make photo editing fun, Effects Studio is the photo editing app for you. It’s easy to use, has a wide range of tools and options to choose from. This app is great!” – Hypi.st!

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