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Mar 102017

Rating: 3/5

Drumr is the most unique drumming experience on Android! Drumr can turn any object into a musical instrument! Teach Drumr to associate any sound with one of the available drums and other instruments. You can drum on table tops, cups, cans, pineapples or whatever object you happen to have close by. Drumr will analyze the sound in real time and play back the sound of the associated instrument.

Multi-touch is supported so you can also use Drumr as an ordinary drum set. 

For the best possible experience use headphones and avoid background noise.

Drumr can recognize up to four sounds.

— How to use —
Drag up to four instruments to one of the corner positions. Press and hold down an instrument that is placed in a corner to start the calibration. Start beating on any object with your finger (or perhams a pen). After a couple of seconds Drumr will associate the sound of the object with the instrument. Now when you beat on the object drumr will play the associated sound.

We will constantly work on updating Drumr with better recognition and more beats.

If you have ideas or suggestions please don’t hesitate to contact us. (unfortunately we can’t answer comments on google play so if something doesn’t work for you, please contact us on info@madgorillagames.net and we’ll try to fix it)

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