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Mar 212017

Rating: 5/5

MemClock (Memory Clock) serves as a clock for the memory challenged or those with cognitive impairment. This app was designed by a caregiver for a person with Alzheimer’s dementia. It can serve as an Alzheimer’s clock, Dementia clock or simply a clock for those who need reminders.

Check out our video describing MemClock at MemClock.com

You control what days and times messages and actions appear on the memory clock. Action messages on the clock let the user know they should be doing something.

The top half of the screen is designed to present the time of day in words, color and image. For example, in the morning, you can configure the words “Good Morning!”, a background color of yellow, and an image of a sunrise.

The bottom half of the memory clock provides an additional message or an action to be completed. In the case of an action, a “Done” button appears next to the action. When touched, the date and time are logged so that caregivers and family members know when the action was completed. The actions can also be configured to sound a beep every minute until the “Done” button is touched on the clock.

Check out our web site http://www.memclock.com for more information and the user’s guide.

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