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Mar 222017

Rating: 0/5

Fun Slots action combined with a Cooking App game? You bet! This is the craziest Slotmachine app you have played! You get classic 3 reel slots but in order to get at the big payout you need to hit 3 combinations in order! Hit the Loco Chicken, Mr Porky or Missy the Cow in 3 of a kind and you get the burner started up and the frying pan kicks into gear! The game then adds BBQ chicken, Spicy BBQ Ribs or a big T-Bone steak! but..in order to flip your meal in the pan you have to hit a Frying Pan in Reel 3 to flip! Then another Frying Pan to serve your meal! Bonus payouts depend on your bet amount! The game will store your credits from previous plays and it’s nice and balanced! Other combos like Tortilla Chips or “Chunk A Cheddar” are also possible! Your going to get hungry playing this fun Slot Machine Game! Share your score with friends through multiple social channels you previously installed! Try Taco Grill Slot Machine today!

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