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Apr 022017

Rating: 4.8/5

big big big thanks to sasi kanth for his help with the dashboard.
also big thanks to “soneyboy” from devianart for his unique design.

After getting installed if you get fonts error, just open Origami Zoopers app and press install iconsets option it will automatically fix the errors you facing with fonts and weather.
Please don’t give bad reviews without informing me your problem.
please don’t hesitate to mail me if any problem occurs..feel free.

You must have Zooper Widgets Pro installed to use this skin.
If you have problems with widgets not appearing please email me
this pack contains 60+ widgets.

zooper widget http://goo.gl/7cO6t
apex launcher or nova, but mine is apex

apex or nova settings:.
No margins
no shadows
grid 8*6


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