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Apr 052017

Rating: 4/5

A MUST HAVE for every fisherman. The ultimate “Screaming Drag” alarm clock guaranteed to wake you with multiple drag settings. Wake with the unforgettable unmistakable sound of line screaming off your reel. Nothing beats the sound of a big game fish nailing a bait on light gear and peeling off metres of braid. These are actual recordings of real fish pulling monster drag. Download it now, you won’t be disappointed.

First choose your drag setting from:

* Big Game
* Light Gear
* Spooled
* Slow Take
* Big Strike
* Screamer
* Sunset
* Random (Let the app choose a different sound each day)

Then set the alarm time and frequency, save and wait to leap out of bed when you hear line screaming off your reel. Is there a better, more exciting sound in the world?

New drags will be added frequently with free updates.


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