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Apr 062017

Rating: 5/5

This is the calendar app for you who have changing work shifts.

Get full overview of your shifts on your Smartphone. Quickly, easily and manageable. You enter your Duty Roster for several weeks into the App in no time and you can share the work shift calendar with your partner if you both are connected to the same Internet Calendar (e.g. Google Calendar). Planning private arrangements, picking up the children and all the other events becomes ever so much easier when you can share your schedule with your partner including all known shifts. You can of course enter all kind of arrangements and events into NightShift.

The shift work App includes an easy to use Day View / Day List where you can scroll through your calendar items. A manageable calendar view that compares to the an old fashioned paper calendar.

If you need to register +/- hours or notes to a Shift in order to remember actual deviations from a Shift this is quickly done. This way it becomes much easier to check your paycheck.

To use NightShift you have to create an account. The account is free and will only be used to service you with new features.

You can order reports of your actual working hours based on the +/- hour your register. The reports will be sent to your Mail and give you an overview of your actual work.

Your Basic settings will be saved in the “Cloud”. If you have a new phone you just open NightShift, logon to your account, and Nightshift is ready to use again

Visit our facebook site for Demo videos, Q&A and discussion about your experience with NightShift and wishes for improvements you may have.

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