Unlimited Filters Basic 1.2.2 (Win&Mac)

It has become very popular to change the “look” of pictures with applications or smartphone apps. With most of these apps you are limited to the available filters that are pre-installed. We want to eliminate these boundaries with Unlimited Filters. We don’t want to limit you in how many or which filters you use. Your computer even knows the format we use to save your filters. It’s an ordinary PNG, TIF or JPG.
This means:

  • that you can create filters with most picture editing programs
  • that you can share and copy them among friends
  • that you can easily extract or copy them from your favorite application
  • Unlimited Filters provides you with a neutral filter containing all colors in all levels of brightness and saturation. You can edit this filter yourself in softwares like Photoshop and Gimp or other filter apps. Here are some of the editing possibilities:

    Basic Version: No Desktop Filter support and no 3D LUT export.

    MAC users can download the package here

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