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Apr 152017

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GXNote is a simple notepad with search function. You can search your note database using keywords (up to 26 keywords and list the result by the order of note creation date, last updated date, note title or content in alphabetical order) No complicated UI. To create a note, just enter a note title and then enter the content of your note. GXNote Standalone also lets you take a picture from your (installed smartphone, tablet..,etc.) camera or pick a picture from your device’s gallery and then stick it to the note you selected. For example, today I went to a friend’s wedding. I used my phone to take a picture with the bride and broom. I used the app. and created a note, I then added that picture to the note. It is really easy to use. You will never have to search your gallery for photos again.

Organizing and retrieving your text data and photos can be so easy.

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