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Apr 182017

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“Les Fables de La Fontaine” is a work composed of three collections published between 1668 and 1694. Counting 243 fables written in verse, the most famous are: “Le Corbeau et le Renard”; “The bunny and the turtle”; Or “La Cigale et la Fourmi”

Our interactive book illustrates one of these fables: “Les deux coqs”.

Through this magnificent imagery give your child the taste of reading with a fable like no other. A fable underpinned by several different scenarios that the child will discover by making choices at key moments.
A child not only a reader but also an actor of this fable. Have fun discovering hidden interactions!

Will your child make the right choices? Will he find the morality desired by the author? Help him and share with him a pleasant moment around a work that can not be ignored and well illustrated.

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