Rating: 4.4/5

Vladimir is a very daring bat but he needs your help to navigate the perilous mazes. Polish and perfect your flying skills to avoid the dangerous traps and obstacles throughout the castle ruins. Become the hero of this exciting adventure by saving Vlad and his bat friends! They are depending on you!

During your adventure you’ll need to find keys to unlock gates, cages and treasure chests. Along the way be sure to collect treasure and loot to increase your score (and bragging rights). If you are vigilant and explore you might even find some of the sacred artifacts scattered throughout the crumbling castle ruins.


– Two exciting game play modes: Adventure and Endless
– Can you earn three stars, save your bat friend AND find the artifact in each area in Adventure mode?
– Put your flight skills to the ultimate test in Endless mode. See how many bat friends you can save and how much treasure you can collect.
– Three difficulties to challenge players of every skill level.
– Multiple player profiles!
– Replay and discover different paths in each level.
– Original musical score.

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