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Apr 302017

Rating: 4/5

**Free cardboard controller required to play**
**Build instructions here: http://www.digirepgames.com/tracker-howto.html**
**Mobile VR headset required, rear facing camera must be exposed**
**Mobile phone must be compatible with google cardboard (you can download the free google cardboard app to make sure)**

Stalk is a VR survival horror game that puts you in a dark, eerie corn field surrounded by creatures where you have one goal, survive!

Get a positional tracking controller experience with our innovative cardboard tracker you can print out at home and make yourself!

Stalk is an immersive, first person shooter, virtual reality horror game for mobile devices. The game utilizes the rear facing camera of your phone to track our cardboard controller that you can make yourself, for free!

**Build your tracker here: http://www.digirepgames.com/tracker-howto.html**

Stalk can be played with a google cardboard viewer, or any other mobile VR headset as long as your rear facing camera is exposed.

Kill zombies and try to stay alive to earn in game achievements. Compete with others on the global game center leaderboard to find out who the true survivors really are.

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