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May 122017

Rating: 3.1/5

** Winner of the 2012 “5 stars Reviewers’ choice!” Award from FileDir **

——- Version 3.0 has been released !! ——-
** Now with tipping guide for more than 60 countries around the world for you to explore **

Global Tipping Guide Pro is currently the most comprehensive international tipping guide for any travelers. Combining with a powerful Tip Calculator and fully featured Expense Report to help you manage your budget during your trip, this app is the best travel companion for your next trip. Buy it now to see how this app will change the way you see about tipping.

Difference from the Free version:
_ Fully featured tip calculator and expense report calculator.
_ 60+ countries as opposed to 10 countries.
_ Exclusive content and UI updates.
_ Feeling good for supporting small developers like us and help us to make better apps for Android platform.

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