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May 132017

Rating: 5/5

Many times we may have to search through the contacts list to call or send messages. This takes long time even in case of urgency. Especially during busy time such as in meeting, travel or busy with some other application. This app would be very handy in such scenario to have your frequent contact list always available as a shortcut. This is a floating tool which can be moved anywhere on the screen. Can be disabled and enabled anytime.

Features & Usage:
– Just click twice to call or to WhatsApp using the 2 Clicks Call floating app

Open 2 Clicks Call application and select the contacts you call very often or would want to call quickly from the contacts lists.

After the contacts selection, Enable the floating tool using the on/off switch or the slider at the top right corner. This would bring up the floating icon which can be moved over anywhere and used as per your comfort.

Just click on the floating icon to expand the selected contacts list. Click on the call icon just below each contact to make the call or use the WhatsApp icon to message through WhatsApp. If your contact is not added or invited yet to WhatsApp, this app provides the option to send SMS message or send WhatsApp invite.

Maximum 10 contacts can be configured. This limitation is for better performance and easy usage.

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Very handy and don’t have to search for the contact every time.

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