Saint of the Day

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Saint of the Day by Franciscan Media
Brand New to Android!

Stay connected to your faith and get daily inspiration from the saints! This app makes it possible to carry the wisdom of the saints with you every day, everywhere. Easily shared with your friends and family via all your favorite social media channels and e-mail.

Each daily entry includes:
• Brief saint biography
• Commentary on the saint’s relevance to your own life
• Reflective quote from Scripture, the saint, or another spiritual writer
• Audio capable

• Saints for every day of the year
• Note: Audio is not available at this time.
• Searchable database (by saint or by cause)
• List of patron saints
• Interactive calendar
• Easily shared on social media
• Convenient access to the
• New and classic saints (revised and updated!)

Material is taken from the bestselling book, Saint of the Day: Lives, Lessons, & Feasts: Seventh Revised Edition, from Franciscan Media—one of the largest publishers of inspirational and educational Roman Catholic spirituality resources. Saint of the Day is also available in other forms at

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