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May 252017

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MyPortfolio is a handy app for daily and simple monitoring of a portfolio of securities. Stocks, funds, indices, … can easily be added using the ticker symbol (eg GOOG:US Google Inc). MyPortfolio is independent of any brooker or trader. The ticker symbol can be found with the integrated search function. Exchange rates are updated online thanks to the interaction with Bloomberg. Evolution over time is made visible with different graphs of the prices (daily, monthly or yearly basis). No passwords are required and even without internet connection shows MyPortfolio an overview of the latest available portfolio details.

The integrated MyPortfolio’s MyCommunity is an anonymous portfolio of purchases by the MyPortfolio users during the last month. It contains also recent price information and can be used to compare your own portfolio with the MyPortfolio community.

MyPortfolio differentiates various apps available through its professionalism and simplicity. It does not contain any advertisement.

The Portfolio Limited supports a limited number (2) of securities that can be managed and access to the MyCommunity is also restricted (2 securities). The Portfolio Premium gives an unlimited management and access and can be obtained with an in-app purchase.

The current functionality of MyPortfolio:
* Convenient and easy overview of the portfolio
* List and details of all securities in the portfolio
* Add/edt/delete securities
* Grouping of transactions of the same security
* Updating the portfolio results online
* Support of different currencies with online currency update
* Display graphs of security prices
* Contextual menu after a long touch
* Indicators when defined targets are achieved
* Integrated search function to find the ticker symbol
* Notifications when a target yield is reached
* Graphical overview of the evolution of the total portfolio value
* MyCommunity

The summary of the portfolio contains:
* Cost and current value of the portfolio
* Change over previous day (in absolute value and percentage)
* Yield (in absolute value and percentage)
* List of individual securities
* Name, positions and cost
* Purchase, last slot and current exchange rates, including day changes (absolute and percent)
* Return (absolute and percent)
* Target price (absolute), difference with target price (percent) and warning when target return is achieved

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