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May 292017

SkyWidgets for Iphone. SkyWidgets will expand your Notification Center with four widgets. With these widgets you will get all kind of realtime information about your location and movement data right in your Notification Center!

Additionally you can change the preferred units in the application – so that every unit completes your vision.

[NEW]: Dashboard — get information about location and movement right inside the app!

Movement Information Widget:
– Altitude (m, ft)
– Velocity (km/h, mph, knots)
– Latitude/Longitude
– Heading
– Copy to Clipboard

Address Widget:
– Country
– Locality
– Sub Locality
– Postal Code
– Street
– Copy to Clipboard

Barometer Widget (iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus & iPad Air 2 only!):
– Pressure (hPa, bar, psi, atm, mmHg, inch of mercury)
– Relative Altitude (m, ft, inch)

Simple Stopwatch Widget

Please feel free to contact us via Twitter @SkyWidgets or via mail at hi@developing.io!

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