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Jun 022017

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Get ready to have fun with new challenging game SG Corridor.
SG Corridor is a Puzzle based game which you have to solve with you tricky
mind. It has 3 levels to play. Each level has its own complexity.
Break this complexity and WIN.
SG Corridors has the following features :-

* Level 1 :- 5×8 GRID *
* Level 2 :- 5×11 GRID *
* Level 3 :- 5X14 GRID *

* No Ads
* No Banners
* Unlimited Tries
* Moveable to SD Card
* Very less in size
* Ulitmate Fun

How to Play SG Corridors :-

You have to make all the rows in sequence from left to right (1-7 , Level 1) with same color to WIN.

Restrictions :- You can’t put lower number in front of bigger one
Example :- Number 3 can’t be inserted before number 4.

Allowance :- You can put number 1 of any color in any column of first row
You can put bigger number in front of any lower number with same color

All the Best. Have fun!!!

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