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Jun 062017

Rating: 5/5

If you’re a basketball scout, this application is for you.

You could perform monitoring and evaluation over time of basketball players in a personalized way, by recording biographical information, statistics and multimedia content (photos, videos, etc.).

– Set up language, height units (cm, feet) and weight (kg, lbs), court dimensions (FIBA, FIBA classic, NBA, NCAA), etc.
– Store for each player its biographical data and one or more time profiles.
 * The biographical data consist of the player’s personal data that do not change over the years or do not affect when evaluate him.
 * The time profile contains the physical (photo, height, weight) and game (hand, position, number) features that the player has during a period of time, in addition to the specific objectives set for that period (points, rebounds, assists, etc.).
– Display graphically the current rating of the player.
– Display in a comparison table all data related to multiple players: biography, rating, statistics, etc.
– Add real-time statistics easily: points, rebounds (offensive and defensive), assists, steals, blocked shots, blocked attempts, turnovers, assists per turnover ratio, fouls (offensive and defensive), fouls drawn, PER (Player Efficiency Rating – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Player_efficiency_rating) and PIR (Performance Index Rating – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Performance_Index_Rating: Euroleague, Eurocup, Spanish ACB).
– Display real-time statistics. They are displayed in a table with total values (TOT) or calculated by playing time (x48, x40, x36, x30, x24, x20).
– Share statistics on Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
– Write text annotations, record videos, capture pictures and associate any type of document with the player.
– Add old statistics.

Gradually we will be adding more languages and features: export and print reports, subjective statistics, comparison of players evolution, more options to draw statistics over the court, etc.

Suggestions are welcome, the goal is to create a useful and complete application.


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