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Jun 082017

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For a limited time, upgrade to the full version of Now Find Gluten Free at no charge!

For Android Version 4.4 and above.

Now Find Gluten Free will prove a valuable asset for anyone who needs to shop and live gluten free. Among its features are:

– Tens of thousands of gluten free products at your fingertips
– Search by Product Name, Brand Name, Category or ingredient
– Save time and money by creating your gluten-free shopping list BEFORE you go to the store
– Keep track which products you like, and which products simply aren’t for you
– Direct access to money-saving coupons and promotions
– Access to companion website (www.nowfindglutenfree.com) with helpful, delicious recipes, e-books, tips and tricks to help you live gluten free and more!


About Now Find Gluten Free
Our Apps deliver Value with each use, saving you time and money by helping you find new products to shop for at your local stores.
Now Find Gluten Free gives you the freedom to shop for gluten free products by arming you with the knowledge to make confident choices. We take the guesswork out of navigating the grocery store by putting tens of thousands of verified gluten-free products at your fingertips. With Now Find Gluten Free, even those who aren’t familiar with gluten free products can easily shop gluten free!
We have ensured that we have the cleanest, most up-to-date database of gluten free products available with new products added almost daily. For your safety, we do not list any product that has not been third party verified or manufacturer-claimed as gluten free.

About JHMJLL Inc.
Jessica MacDonald and Justin Lee founded JHMJLL, Inc., in 2014. We take our goals as The Healthy Eating Lifestyle Company and as a gluten free, organic, family-run company to heart. We believe that our mobile applications, whose sole focus is to support Healthy Eating Lifestyle Choices, will be beneficial to all who use them.

Please visit us at http://www.JHMJLL.com for more information about our company and http://www.JHMJLL.com/Legal for the terms and conditions governing the use of our apps and websites.

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